Day 51: C-Bomb

So it’s come to this, personal jokes. Today is the last day of a dear friend C-Bomb at work. You may know C-Bomb from such photo credits as this blog. As a dedication to this friendship and the great years spent working with her, our mutual workmate Save Cheerleader thought it would be funny if I dressed up as her on her last day…this then quickly steam-rolled into all the girls in the direct team dressing up as her. To let everyone in on the joke, this is what C-Bomb looks like on a regular basis at work:

Please note the tight ballerina bun, black 50’s cut dress, black cardigan and patent belt. Further to this is the black eye-liner, black opaque tights and patent Wittner heels.

So this is the challenge I, and the team, took on today. Please note that we all got the tick of approval from C-Bomb herself.

Photo Credit: C-Bomb (of course!)

Black Skater Cut Dress: Cotton On

Black Cardigan: Glassons

Black Patent Belt: Cotton On

Black Opaque Tights: ASOS

Black Patent Heels: Wittner (the EXACT same as owned by C-Bomb)


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