Day 121: Horror Film Cliche

On the second day of Halloween week, this themed blog gave to thee: Horror Film Cliche. In every horror film there is a 20 minute chase sequence where one poor pretty girl gets the world thrown at her – hit by a car, stabbed, shot, hit, you name it – and just as she is about to escape she is killed by the villian, this is what I’ve chosen to dress as today. Please note: the tyre marks on my shirt were made from me painting a type and rolling it across my shirt for true effect.


Photo Credit: Wayne Gretski


White Shirt: Supre with Home Made effects (Rips, Red Paint as Blood and Tyre Marks)

Red Skirt: Home Made

White Socks: Big W

White Sneakers: Big W

Knife Through Head: Carnival and Party Warehouse

Red Pom Poms: The Reject Shop




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