Day 187: New Years Eve



Day 187: New Years Eve

December 31st is New Years Eve, so I have taken this on as a theme and dress up as a firework, props to Ziggy for the idea. I have aimed to be the shooting up firework that explodes, but it was REALLY hard to capture on film – with flash it looked dumb and without flash you couldn’t see the costume. I hope a combination of photos helps you get the concept as you’d see it in real life.


Photo credit: Holmes


Gold Star Headpiece: Homemade out of Cardboard (also seen here)

Gold Sequin Mid Dress: ASOS

Gold Glitter Ballet Flats: Ruby Shoes

White and Red Fairy Lights: IKEA (Battery Operated)




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  1. I mean this is the nicest possible way, but you are a total lunatic!

    I first came across your blog with the Ned Flanders outfit, and I’ve been impressed with the amount of time and effort that seems to have gone into each costume.
    Out of curiosity, is it always a different outfit each day, or do you sometimes do two or three in one day, then take a few days off?

    Hope you keep up the lunacy next year!

    1. mhsaba says:

      Thanks for the support! I’m glad that my costumes can still impress 187 days in!

      In answer to your question, I generally take the photos on the day of. The only reason I haven’t in the past is if I know I’m going to not be able to access the Internet (if I’m at a festival go instance)

      Please note I’ve recently added a FAQ section to help answer some of the questions people have.

      Thanks again for following my crazy journey, I can only hope I keep you impressed!

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