Day 212: Opposite Day

Day 212: Opposite Day

January 25 is known as Opposite Day. At first the obvious choice would have been to not dress up in costume as a costume for today (woah, catch 22) but after some discussions with a few mates I have decided to instead create a costume where I wore everything the other way round. So I have worn a jumper as pants (you may recognise the jumper from this Day 181) and pants as a top/borello. To be honest, I’ve seen hipsters wear worse.

Photo credit: Holmes

Jeans: Uniqlo

Red Jumper: Forecast


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  1. Seriously – you could walk down Brunswick Street in Fitzroy and no-one would even raise an eyebrow…

    1. mhsaba says:

      I know. If it wasn’t for the giant hole in the crotch region, I could totally pull his off in hipster circles…

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