Day 213: Australia Day

Day 213: Australia Day

January 26 is Australia Day, as I am Australian I toiled a lot about who or what I would dress up as today. In the end I decided there is nothing is more Australian than drinking, and the best drinker we’ve ever had was David Boon. David Boon, nicknamed Boonie, was an Australian cricketer from 1984–1995. He was known for his distinctive mustache and ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol, to the extent where on a flight from Sydney to London he consumed 52 cans of beer. Ridiculous. Today I hope that my fellow ‘Straylans’ have an amazing day filled with sun and BBQ’s, we live in an amazing country so let’s celebrate it.


Photo credit: Ziggy


Green and Yellow Boon Jersey: My Brother’s

White Shorts: My Brother’s

Cricket Gloves and Pads: Borrowed from Seriously… Ben

Boonie Mustache: Hot Dollar

White Shoes: Big W






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