Day 241: Golden Girls

Day 241: Golden Girls

Today my oldest friend (Emilioooo!) is having her birthday party, deep down I know she wanted it to be Golden Girls themed, but thought no-one would commit to the idea. As a birthday gift, today I have taken on a Golden Girls theme, dressing as Sophia, my favourite character. Sophia, played by Estelle Getty, was the wise-cracking mother of Dorothy (Bea Arthur) who always had the best lines. You can watch some of her best moments here. Happy Birthday darling! I tried to give you the ‘biggest gift’ – me! 😉


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


White Curly Wig: Dollar King

Big Glasses: Big W (with a chain sticky taped to them)

Teal Peter Pan Collar Dress: Vinnie’s (borrowed from I’m a Scientist!)

Black T-Bar Shoes: Big W

Pearl and Jewel Earrings: Klein’s (My Mother’s)




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