Day 243: Lucha Libre

Day 243: Lucha Libre

Today I have decided to take on the user-suggested theme of Lucha Libre from Charlie. Lucha Libre is more informally known as Mexican wrestling. Many of you may have been introduced to it through the film Nacho Libre. Mexican wrestling is characterised by colourful, full face masks that are used to disguise the wrestlers and if removed signify the death of that character. Please note that the stuffing of my underwear for this costume caused my mother to burst into laughter for a solid 2 mins….I hope it has the same effect for you.


Photo credit: The Other Brother


Mexican Face Mask: Borrowed from @PatchworkDan

Red Cape: Urban Outfitters

Black and Gold Chevron Tights: Black Milk

Red Underwear: Target

Black Boots: Big W





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