Day 269: Ellen

Day 269: Ellen

Today Ellen DeGeneres held a last minute live show at the Fleet steps in Sydney. In my bid to get on her show I lined up from 6am as Ellen in order to get on Ellen. I didn’t end up getting on the show, but everyone around me loved the costume and on the way home I was stopped by three separate groups of people and told that they saw me dancing on the Today show and that I was awesome. I’m putting this one down as a win regardless. I’m not gonna give up on getting on Ellen yet. Soon Ellen, soon.


Photo credit: Patchwork Dan


Short Blonde Wig: Ebay

Blue Stripped Shirt: Industrie

Grey Knitted Vest: Dotti

Grey Pants: Valleygirl

White Sneakers: Big W

Silver Watch: Time (My Brother’s)

Silver Wedding Ring: Diva


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  1. sophieark says:

    hehe love it! Ellen ❤

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