How to: Horror Film Shirt

Home made bloodied shirt

Another step-by-step how to today, this time focusing on something a little bit more gruesome in preparation for Halloween later this month.


What you’ll need


Paint Brush

Red Paint

Black Paint


Red Food Dye





Put on your t-shirt and stand in front of a mirror. The first step will be ripping up your shirt. With this step make sure that you’re not wearing anything underneath the shirt so as to not ruin two tops.


  1. In order to get a more natural look to the cut, make an incision with your scissors and the use your hands to extend the rip and get the look you want. A ripped collar makes for a great look as well as a ripped sleeve. A few smaller notches on the shirt will also look great.
  2.  Next will be creating the look that you’ve been run over by a car. Take off your shirt and lay it down on top of newspaper, the next couple of steps are going to get messy.
  3.  Get your black paint and paint directly onto about a third of the tyre and then from the top left or right of the shirt (depending on what side you’d prefer it) roll the tyre diagonally across the shirt. Leave to dry.
  4.  Next you will need to add some blood to finish the look. You will use both the red paint and the red food dye for this, as they will create different looks. Hang your shirt up on a washing line and be sure to have some newspaper underneath you to collect the excess paint and food dye.
  5.  To create a thicker, dripping blood effect, literally pour the red paint onto the t-shirt, I chose to do this in the same top corner of the shirt as the tyre mark.
  6.  Then you will use the red food dye to add blood splatter to the shirt by pouring red food dye into the cap of the bottle and then throwing it onto the shirt. Leave to dry.
  7.  Voila! You now have a shirt that will make you look like you’ve been through a horror scene chase.



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