Black and Blue or White and Gold Dress Costume

Black and Blue or White and Gold Dress Costume

It was the viral phenomena that took the world by storm and turned mother against child, friend against friend, and graphic designer against scientist. ALL THE WAY back in February we looked at our computer screens and asked ourselves the very important question: is this dress black and blue or gold and white? (Clearly it was white and gold guys)

So I thought it was time to remind everyone of those dark times and take on the dress as a costume!

  1. Start with a dress of a base of either white or black.
  2. Buy coloured crepe paper from your local dollar store (white, gold, black, blue) and cut into strips. Alternatively you can look at the wrapping paper section and see if you can find white and gold or blue and black styles to use instead like I did with the white and gold chevron print in my image.
  3. Tape or staple the crepe paper strips/wrapping paper onto the dress from the centre on the front and going around the back to create the pattern. The look you are going for is that there is a split down the front where the two styles are competing.

Please note: that staples will hold better, but it depends how precious you are about the dress, but don’t worry if it is a thick material it won’t affect it.

Photo credit: Frosted Tips

Black dress: Dotti (with wrapping and crete paper from Hot Dollar taped on)

White Heels: Wittner

Black Patent Heels: Wittner


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