Shame Lady from Game of Thrones Costume

Shame Lady from Game of Thrones Costume

If you’re a fan on Game of Thrones then you most definitely remember the moment in the last season where that bitch Cersei Lannister finally got what was coming to her. Of course I’m talking about the scene where she is forced to walk naked through the streets of Kings Landing while the masses shout profanities, spit and even through faeces at her…all while a Septa of the Faith of Seven and a devoted follower of the High Sparrow rang a bell and bellowed out SHAME!

If you love props that you can use hilariously during your Halloween party then this is the costume for you.

Friend got too drunk and passed out? Ring your bell and call out SHAME!
Friend starts fiercely making out with a random? Ring your bell and call out SHAME!
Someone comes to the party without a costume? Ring your bell and call out SHAME! 😉

To create the Shame Lady costume all you will need is:

  1. A long sleeve, long grey dress. If you don’t have one, or can’t source one from an Op Shop, then you can make a one from two grey plastic table covers from your local dollar store. To do this, lay out both table covers side by side and tape the long edges (height) together leaving a small space in the centre of the join where you will poke your head through and wear the plastic table covers as a sheath.
  2. A belt to give the sheath or the dress a waist.
  3. A grey t-shirt to wear over your head. Just poke your face through the head hole and use bobby pins to secure to your scalp.
  4. A bell and the judgement of a thousand virgins.

Photo credit: Frosted Tips

Grey Head Wrap: Grey TV from Kmart

Grey Sheath: Two Plastic Table Covers from Hot Dollar

Belt: Sportsgirl

Bell: Hot Dollar

Tan Ballet Flats: ASOS


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