Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanderson Costume

Winifred Sanderson Costume

Amongst my love of all things 90’s is the film Hocus Pocus. I will be projecting three films in my backyard during my Halloween party this Saturday: Nightmare on Elm Street, The Craft and Hocus Pocus. I think that about sums up my love of this film. So with that as my inspiration I have decided to dress us as Winifred Sanderson, played by Bette Midler.


Photo credit: Frosted Tips


Red Wig: Ebay

Green Cape: Poncho from Hot Dollar (with arms pulled in)

Green Velvet Dress: Pumpkin Patch

Green Cardigan: Revival

Black Lace Gloves: Hot Dollar

Black Patent Heels: Dune

Rings: Diva


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