Evil Queen from Snow White Costume

Evil Queen from Snow White Costume

Late last year I got my dog desexed. What does this have to do with an Evil Queen costume you ask? Well, I used the cone of shame that my dog got as the basis of the stiff collar for this costume (just had to cover it in white paper). That plus a sSnuggie and a mask I got for a bargain from a closing down costume shop and this outfit was easy peasy. I’ve been collecting pieces for this costume for a while, so I’m happy I could finally put it all together and do it!

Photo credit: Frosted Tips

Stiff White Collar: Dog Cone of Shame (to stop them from licking their wounds)

Purple Dress: Snuggie

Black Cape: Vintage Robe from Vinnies

Evil Queen Mask: Local Costume Shop

Belt: Curtain Rope


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