Theme Me started as a daily blog documenting a personal challenge to dress up to a different theme every day for a whole year. Starting on my 26th birthday I decided to take on the challenge for a couple of reasons, the main being that I love costumes. My friends have always dubbed me as the ‘Costume Queen’ for the amount of effort that I put into every outfit I’d created over the years. This love even affected my everyday style so much so that a workmate once commented: “Mary, for you, it’s like every day is costume day.”

Even before I started this blog I wouldn’t throw out an item of clothing or a prop if I thought I’d be able to use it for a costume. Basically, I’ve been preparing for this my entire life (watch this space…in five years I’ll be on ‘Hoarders’).

Most people have regular hobbies – reading, writing, dancing, playing sports – but I always received most enjoyment from creating a really funny costume. I get a sick satisfaction from a person approaching me to tell me how cool my costume is.

The idea originally came to me the Christmas before the challenge started. Every day for the last week of the work year, I decided to get into the festive spirit by dressing up in an array of green and red clothing. One day, I overheard a few colleagues discussing which of my outfits had been their favourite. It was the first time I realised how much my crazy antics (which bring me personal joy and helped keep my creative juices flowing) also entertained the people around me. I then thought of The Uniform Project, where a girl pledged to style a black dress differently everyday for 365 days as an exercise in sustainable fashion, and it all just came together. When I joked to them that I was going to start a blog where I would dress up differently everyday for a whole year, they thought it was hilarious. And just like that, a blog was born.

Why not suggest a theme here

Download the media kit here

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  1. Sinan says:

    U r right i like dat I like ur ideas
    But, where u r from ?
    it seems like u just can find wat ever u want or like
    Here, i can’t find a shit for example last ni8 we had a halloween party party
    and i wanted to Wear Gagnm Style i coudnt find a Black Bow
    So i went to the party Without a Bow hahaha of course i lose
    But, it was Fun … at least i danced ad had fun btw… i like allll ur themes

    1. mhsaba says:

      Hi Sinan, I live in Australia. Sorry to hear that you couldn’t find what you needed for your costume. When that happens to me I just try my luck at making it and think you should too!

      Take for instance the undone bow tie I used for my Gangnam costume, that was just a piece of black material that I cut into shape.

      Good luck on your costume ventures in the future!

  2. Kane says:

    Just dropping by to say that this is an swanky, fun idea and to give you a general thumbs up 🙂

  3. Nadine says:

    Hi! We were at Secret Garden last weekend (Sully ruined my life… remember me?!) hehe. Loving your stuff. Keep up the good work!

  4. your hot says:

    your hot

  5. Faiza says:

    Hi there,

    We met in the Fleet Steps while we were in the line to meet Ellen.

    So here is my suggestion for you. Please dress up as the mother from the Adams Family.


    hope you have fun

  6. Italo says:

    I love your challenge!
    It is very creative and clever!
    I saw all the costumes, you are a charm! all were beautiful on you.
    Once again, congratulations!
    Sao Paulo Brazil

    Adorei seu desafio!
    É muito criativo e inteligente!
    Vi todas as fantasias, você é um charme! todas ficaram lindas em você.
    Mais uma vez, parabéns!
    São Paulo Brasil

  7. Patrick Ruiz says:

    Very neat idea ya got going here,keep it up!….oh and you’re a cutie by the way:)

  8. John says:

    You have done a wonderful job – you look beautiful – your Gloria Estefan was so good your picture is now being sold in error on ebay! See
    Best wishes for the future!

    1. mhsaba says:


      OMG that’s amazing.

  9. John - UK says:

    Well done – you look so beautiful in your costumes – your Gloria Estefan was wonderful and believe it or not I see your picture is now being sold on ebay in error as Gloria Estefan! Best wishes for the future. Well done once more!

  10. Costumes says:

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    1. mhsaba says:

      Hi, sorry I haven’t been able to come back to you sooner, this comment was lost in my spam folder. If you’re still interested in working together, please contact me via email: mary.h.saba@hotmail.com.

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