Day 153: Jimi Hendrix

November 27 is Jimi Hendrix’s birthday so I have decided to dress up as him.   Photo Credit: The Stephinacci Sequence   Afro Wig: Hot Dollar Red Headscarf: Special K Cereal Box Gift Cream Beige Lace Top: Just Jeans Flower Pattern Vest: Cotton On Flare Jeans: Warehouse Plum Platform Boots: Wittner

Day 140: International Diabetes Day

November 14 is the International World Diabetes Day. So I dressed up as Mary Tyler Moore, who is a famous diabetic.   Photo credit: Ziggy   Red Beret: Cotton On Blue Dress: Zara Blue Jacket: Cotton On Red Opaque Tights: ASOS Scarf: My Mother’s Tan Boots: Target Red Gloves: David Lawrence  Black Wig: Spotlight

Day 133: Joni Mitchell

November 7 is Joni Mitchell’s birthday, and that’s who I’ve chosen to dress as today.   Photo Credit: The Stephinacci Sequence   Blonde Wig: Carnival and Party Warehouse Black Flower Print Dress: Thailand Markets Black Lace Vest: Young Star Black Sandals: Top Shop    

Day 126: Halloween

Happy Halloween! Today we see my week of Halloween costumes come to an end – I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I wanted to end it in a bang so I have dress up as that scene in Alien when the alien comes out of the guys stomach. Please note that…

Day 86: World Peace Day

September 21 is World Peace Day, and nothing (no-one) says peace as much as a hippie.   Photo Credit: Ziggy   Flower Headpiece: Sportsgirl (plus some extra flowers from Hot Dollar) White Dress: Glassons Yellow Cape: Cotton On Hippie Sunglasses: Hot Dollar    

Day 54: Studio 54

DAY 54. Studio 54. Get it? And yes, it may seem as if I’m drunk in the above picture, but in fact am not. I dance on table-tops sober. Charlie Sheen ain’t got nothing on me.   Photo credit: The Stephinacci Sequence   Black Off-the-Shoulder Top: ASOS (and it’s a dress) Black Belt: Cotton On …

Day 48: Mila Kunis

August 14th is Mila Kunis’ birthday. Mila Kunis is the costume I’ve been wearing my whole life…or so people tell me. If you don’t know me personally and have been looking at my blog wondering who I remind you of, I hope I’ve helped you out. So today I’ve chosen to dress up as Mila…

Day 45: KISS

I felt like doing a little bit of face paint today, which is why I’ve taken on the theme: KISS, dressing up as The Catman.   Photo Credit: Holmes   Black Leotard: Cotton On Wet Look Tights: Supre Black Boots: RMK Silver Cross Necklace: Diva

Day 38: Johnny Cash Day

I know what you’re thinking, she means Johnny Cash’s birthday… and no, I don’t. August 4 is ACTUALLY Johnny Cash Day. He has a day, who knew? Wikipedia, that’s who.   Photo Credit: Holmes   Black Suit: EM (My brothers) Black Shirt: ASOS Black Leather Shoes: Fabiani (my brothers)    

Day 30: London

In celebration of the London Olympics Opening Ceremony tonight I have taken on the theme of London today. I don’t know about you, but when I think of London, the first image to pop into my head is a punk, circa Sex Pistols days. Get it in ya.   Photo Credit: Totally   Black Wayfarers:…