Betty Boop Costume

Today I dug deep and called on my inner vixen to do a Betty Boop costume. Think I got the classic pose down pat. Go me. Photo credit: Billy Rubin Black wig: Hot Dollar Red sweetheart dress: H&M Red shoes: ASOS Gold bangle: DIVA Gold hoop earrings: DIVA Garter: Drawn-on with eye-liner and lipstick

Day 361: Joss Whedon

June 23 is Joss Whedon’s birthday. Joss is one of my favourite writer/director/creators. It all started with Buffy, The Vampire Slayer…movie, yes, there was a movie, and I loved it and it was written by Joss Whedon. Then when I got older and heard they were making it into a TV series I was ecstatic…