Day 361: Joss Whedon

Day 361: Joss Whedon

June 23 is Joss Whedon’s birthday. Joss is one of my favourite writer/director/creators. It all started with Buffy, The Vampire Slayer…movie, yes, there was a movie, and I loved it and it was written by Joss Whedon. Then when I got older and heard they were making it into a TV series I was ecstatic and the fandom has continued since then for the series, Angel, Firefly and of course Toy Story. Which brings me to my choice of costume today as Mr Potato Head from the film written by, yes you guessed it, Joss Whedon.


Photo credit: Holmes


Mr Potato Head Cut-Out and Pieces: Homemade from Cardboard with Velcro Pieces so that you can move the pieces around

Black Bowler Hat: Carnival and Toy Warehouse

Brown Leggings: Cotton On

Blue Boots:  Ruby Shoes


Theme Me Finale Party!


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