Rick from Rick and Morty Costume

Today I created a Rick from Rick and Morty costume because creating a McDonalds Schezwan sauce costume would be too hard 😛 Photo credit: Frosted Tips Blue Wig and Eyebrows: Homemade from cardboard and crepe paper  White Scientist Lab Coat: Scientist Lab Coat Borrowed from I’m a Scientist Blue T-shirt: Industrie Brown Chinos: Uniqlo Belt…

Madeline Costume

I was in a op shop the other day called Recycle Boutique and found this amazing blue cape and knew then that I had to buy it and create a Madeline costume. Photo credit: Frosted Tips Straw Hat: Vinnie’s Red Wig: Ebay Blue Cape: Recycle Boutique Red Bow: Japanese Accessories Store White Shirt: Savers White…

Beauty and the Beast Duet Costume

I hope you all had a MARY Christmas yesterday and I know you thought that you were all done with gifts for the year, but here is one last one – my Beauty and the Beast duel costume! My work Christmas party was themed ‘Duets’ this year, so I decided to create two costumes….sort of….

Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons Costume

Today I am REALLY proud of my Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons costume! I have been planning this one for a while and have been quite lazy/procrastinating from actually making it. But now that I have finally put it together I’m really happy with it! Photo credit: Noodle Noo Silver robot head: Homemade from…

Speedy Gonzales Costume

A little bit of a flashback to my childhood with this Speedy Gonzales costume. When you watch this cartoon now, it’s pretty heavy on the lazy Mexican stereotype…awks Photo credit: Frosted Tips Sombrero: Hot Dolar White polo top: Uniform shop White pants: Vinnie’s Red Tie: Hot Dollar Mouse tail: Homemade from cotton wool and stockings

Olive Oyl from Popeye Costume

Like most people I grew up watching Popeye, so today I’ve dressed up as Olive Oyl. It’s a great simple costume to put together – all you need is a red jumper and a black skirt! Photo: Billy Rubin Red jumper: Uniqlo with doily trimmings Black skirt: Target with yellow paper trim taped on White…

Betty Boop Costume

Today I dug deep and called on my inner vixen to do a Betty Boop costume. Think I got the classic pose down pat. Go me. Photo credit: Billy Rubin Black wig: Hot Dollar Red sweetheart dress: H&M Red shoes: ASOS Gold bangle: DIVA Gold hoop earrings: DIVA Garter: Drawn-on with eye-liner and lipstick