Day 229: The 87th Grammy Awards

Day 229: The 87th Grammy's

Last week CBS issued a statement regarding a dress code for the 87th Grammy awards that they would be televising. They asked that all attendees adequately cover their buttocks and breasts and to avoid any see-through clothing and exposure of “the genital region”. As the Grammy’s are on today, I thought it would be funny to dress in an inappropriate ‘nude’ costume to go against all of the dress code rules they issued…with a twist. Obviously I’m not going to have a “naked” costume, so I opted instead for a pixelated nude costume. I was quite surprised with how funny/good it turned out, I hope you are too. Also, I went for a Rihanna-esque short wig with my costume, because if anyone is going to break the dress code rules, my money is on her.

Photo credit: Billy Rubin

Short Brown Wig: Ebay

Pixel coverings: Homemade from Coloured Paper on Cardboard

Nude Boobtube: Sportsgirl

Nude Heels: Siren

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