Day 24: Batman

With the release of The Dark Knight Rises this week, it is all but appropriate to have a Batman theme. So I’ve chosen to dress up as my favourite Batman character – Catwoman. Furthermore, I’ve chosen to dress as the best Catwoman of all – Tim Burton’s (ain’t nobody got nothing on Michelle Pfeiffer yo!)

The Catsuit that you see me in is a handmade Catwoman suit that took me a couple of weeks to make with help from my best friend, and was originally worn at my work Christmas party.



Photo Credit: Billy Rubin


Catwoman Catsuit: Hand-made from a leotard and leggings from Supre. Sewn on sleeves and thread detail.

Belt: Cotton On

Black Gloves: Hot Dollar

Whip: Carnival & Party Warehouse

Black Booties: Ruby Shoes




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