Day 192: 101 Dalmations

Day 192: 101 Dalmations

To even out Disney Week some more, today I bring you a villain – Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians. It took me YEARS to figure out her name meant cruel devil, but once I did, it was like MIND.BLOWN.

Please note this is my natural curly hair that I only had to tease the tiniest of bits to turn it into this madness. Also, to achieve the half white hair look, I just covered half of my hair in baby powder.

Photo credit: Billy Rubin

Black Dress: Portmans

White Fur Shawl: Spotlight

Red Sequin Heels: Wittner

Cigarette Holder: Hot Dollar

Teal Earrings: Wood Store in Ross, Tasmania

Teal Ring: Diva

Dalmatian Plush Toy: Kmart


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