Day 210: Football (Soccer)

Day 210: Football (Soccer)

At the request of my dear friend Waller, today I take on the theme Football (Soccer) in honour of his dear friend Rory that sadly passed away last Saturday. Even though I have never met Rory I know first hand how his passing has affected my close friends. From the outpouring of love and support I can make the conclusion that he truly must have been an amazing person and will sorely be missed. RIP Rory Hayward.

Waller, I’m not sure what team Rory supported, but my brother is a Liverpool fan so that’s why I have dressed up as Liverpool player. If he was a Manchester United fan, then I’ve made a terrible mistake and hopefully the thought will still count…


Photo credit: Holmes


Liverpool Jersey: Adidas (My Brother’s)

White Shorts: My Brother’s

White Soccer Socks: Adidas (My Brother’s)

White Soccer Shoes: Joma (My Brother’s)

White Shin Pads: Nike (My Brother’s)

Soccer Ball: Adidas (My Brother’s)




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