Day 255: Secret Garden Festival

Day 255: Secret Garden Festival

Today is the main day of the Secret Garden Festival. The Secret Garden Festival is a festival that celebrates music, art and entertainment. Held in a secret location outside of Sydney the concept is that everyone dresses in costume to enjoy live music acts and mingle. Secret Garden is a not for profit event with all proceeds going to the Sarah Hilt Foundation, a cause close to the hearts of the Secret Garden team. There is no theme for Secret Garden festival on the main day, like their is on the Friday night, so I thought that of a costume that would look most out of place for this festival held on a farm….and that would be a Baroque period costume ala Marie Antoinette.

I am head over  heels in love with this costume from Smiffy’s, the panniers that go under the gold skirt make it look crazy big and don’t even get me started on the corset detail! (I’ve included a close-up pic) I am so excited to show this off, so I’ll be sure to include more pics once I’m back from the festival so that you can see it in action!

Photo credit: Holmes

White Baroque Wig: Ebay

Baroque Period/Marie Antoinette costume: Smiffy’s

Baroque Period Mask: Smiffy’s

Silver Sequin Shoes: DSW

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