265: Final Countdown

Day 256: Final Countdown

Today I officially only have 100 days left of this crazy year-long challenge! As some would say – it’s the final countdown! *cue the Europe song* So that is my theme for today – Final Countdown, which makes me think of the song, which then makes me think of GOB from Arrested Development. GOB, or George Oscar Bluth Jr., is the eldest of the Bluth family, who by trade is a magician. The reason why he is linked to The Final Countdown is because that is his performing theme music within the show. I know I’ve said this before, but if you have yet to watch Arrested Development. Get.On.It.


Photo credit: Dungog


White Shirt: Gold Coast (My Brother’s)

Black Pants: Valleygirl

Black Sandals: Big W (My Brother’s)

Knife: Homemade from Cardboard

Playing Cards: UNO


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