Day 283: High School Stereotypes

Day 283: High School Stereotypes

Today I have been invited to a house party of a friend who now lives in Orange, for no other reason bar it’s fun, she has themed her house party – High School Stereotypes. With this as my theme I have decided to dress as Regina from Mean Girls. I’ve combined a couple of her looks from the film, but mainly focus on the scene where in an attempt to embarrass Regina by cutting out the boob parts of her singlet top, they actually cause her to set a new fashion trend in the school. I will no doubt be speaking in Mean Girl quotes ALL NIGHT.

Photo credit: Holmes

Pink Cardigan: SES

White Singlet Top: Kmart

Black Leather Skirt: Second Hand Store

Black Patent Heels: Betts

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  1. Sajah says:

    Boo, you wh0re!!

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