6 Costumes You Have In Your Wardrobe

5 Costumes You Have In Your Wardrobe

So it’s the night before a costume party or Halloween and you forgot to organise a costume? Don’t worry, here are five costume you are guaranteed to already have in your wardrobe ready to put together.


Getting my Tomb Raider on...
Getting my Tomb Raider on…

What you’ll need

Black Singlet

Black Shorts

Black Belt

Black Boots

Fake gun or make one out of cardboard by drawing it in black marker and cutting it out

Black Tape or Ribbon or Piece of Material


  1. Draw two guns on the cardboard and outline in black marker.
  2. Put on the black singlet, shorts, belt and boots.
  3. Get the black tape, ribbon or material piece  and secure around your legs and belt making it look like a gun strap.
  4. Put your hair into a long braid – a French braid if you have the skill-set.
  5. Voila, you are a tomb raiding goddess!


Pensive Amy

What you’ll need

White singlet

Black pants/leggings/jeans

Ugg Boots or ballet flats

Red Bra

Red Bandanna

Hoop Earrings

Silver chain necklace

Black Eye-liner

Red Lip liner

Cigarette or rolled up piece of paper to look like one


  1. Put on the red bra, singlet, pants, shoes, earrings and necklace.
  2. Use your black eye-liner to create winged tip eyes and a beauty spot.
  3. Use your black eye-liner and red lip liner to draw on your tattoos – use this and this as a reference.
  4. Using a teasing comb over tease the back section of your crown to make Amy’s signature beehive hairstyle. Then tie a red bandanna around it to complete the look.
  5. Complete the look with a cigarette or rolled up piece of white paper to look like a cigarette.
  6. Voila, you’re done your hot mess you.


Day 116: Kim Kardashian

What you’ll need

Slinky dress – preferably bandage


High Heels

Large Earrings



  1. Throw on your slinky dress and high heels.
  2. Stuff your bottom with a pillow to achieve Kim’s signature derrière.
  3.  Do your make-up to match her signature smoky-eye look.
  4. Voila, you are Kanye’s lady.


Wednesday Addams costume
Wednesday Addams costume

What you’ll need

Black Dress

White Collar Top

White Knee High Socks or Stockings

Black Shoes

Black and white make-up


  1. Put on your white collar top underneath your black dress.
  2. Put on your white knee-high socks or stocking and black shoes
  3. Split your hair in two and braid each side separately.
  4. Using your white make-up, pale your face and then darken the circles under your eyes with the black make-up.
  5. Voila, your creepy kid look is complete!


Day 283: High School Stereotypes
Day 283: High School Stereotypes

What you’ll need


Bright coloured bra



High heels

Bright coloured cardigan (optional)


  1. Using your scissors cut small circles where your nipples sit.
  2. Wear this singlet on top of a bright coloured bra and pair with a mini-skirt, heels and a bright cardigan – pink if it’s Wednesday 😉
  3. Voila, you are the flawless queen-bee herself. So fetch.


Day 11: Hobo

What you’ll need

Large black garbage bags


Sticky tape


Make-up (silver/white and black)


  1. Using the garbage bags, scissors and sticky tape begin to fashion a dress on yourself.
  2. Pair this with heels.
  3. Create an intense make-up look with silver/white and black make-up like this.
  4. Voila, strike your best magnum and you’re done.

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