How to: Mad Scientist Costume

Home made Mad Scientist costume

What You’ll Need

White Coat



Large Plastic Jar (big enough to fit over your head)




Flesh coloured paper or paint

Red paint or cellophane


Sticky tape



  1. Fill the gloves with newspaper so that become solid.
  2. Staple the gloves to the sleeves of the white coat.
  3. Using a razor cut out the bottom of the large plastic jar so that your head can fit through the bottom.
  4. Cut out a neck shape in the cardboard and cover in the flesh coloured paper or in flesh coloured paint and then paint the top neck area in red paint or with red cellophane.
  5. Staple the bloody neck to the back part of the neckline of the white coat.
  6. Place the pillow into the chest area of the coat ensuring that the shoulders are filled out.
  7. In order to put the costume all together, place the pillow area of the coat behind your neck so that it rests on your shoulder and then button it up with your arms down your sides and then place the plastic jar over your head and then sticky tape the stuffed gloves to the sides of the jar so that it looks as if your head is being held.

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