Day 364: Mary

Day 364: Mary

Today is the second last costume of my year-long daily costume challenge. When brainstorming with friends about what would be my last costume, many people thought that I should take on a Mary theme, as in just go as me. I thought that would be a HUGE cop out and a waste of my last day of costume,  so please rest assured that I will not be doing that tomorrow. But the idea of a ‘Mary’ theme interested me, so today I have done that dressing as Mary from There’s Something About Mary. I tried my best to recreate that hair style scene, but wigs are  not as malleable as one would hope, so this is the best I could come up with, but I think I got the movie poster dress spot-on.  And now I’ll leave you with this, years ago my friends and I were joking about titles for our future, non-existent autobiographies and when it came to me, it was decided a play-on-popular-culture would be best, with my autobiography title being: There’s TOO Much About Mary.


Photo credit: Holmes


Blonde Bob Wig: Sparty’s

Pink Satin Dress: Vinnie’s

Gold Strappy Heels: Wanted Shoes


Theme Me Finale Party!


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