Day 304: Jedward (The Loop)

Day 304: Jedward (The Loop)

Today I am lucky enough to be on The Loop on Channel Eleven. Today’s theme was chosen by the audience of The Loop via a poll on their Facebook page. The options were Mid-Meltdown Britney Spears, Kimbra, Freddie Mercury and Jedward. It was a landslide win by Jedward.

Jedward are an Irish pop duo  made up of identical twins John and Edward Grimes. They first appeared on The X Factor in 2009, coming in sixth, but then went on to compete in Eurovision TWICE. So with today’s costume, I’ve copied their wax dummy style with their classic quiff hairstyle and red suit.

Then as fate would have it Jedward were in the country this week, so The Loop team arranged it so that I got to meet the boys dressed up as them. They were LOVELY and approved my attempt at achieving their look and gave my costume a 9/10 and a 10/10.


Photo credit: Kimbra’s sister


Teased Blonde Wig: Ebay

Red Jacket: Jack London (My Brother’s)

Red Vest: Helm (My Brother’s)

White Long Sleeve Shirt: Regent Street (My Brother’s)

Black Tie: Ben Sherman (My Brother’s)

Red Skinny Jeans: Flying Monkey

Black Sequin Shoes: Big W

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