Day 330: Mary Poppins

Day 330: Mary Poppins

On May 23, 1973, Mary Poppins was re-released for the THIRD time after it’s initial release on August 27, 1964. Mary Poppins was a childhood favourite for many reasons, but let’s face it, the obvious was that she was “practically perfect in every way” and we shared the same name. A couple of years ago I went to see the stage play at the Capitol Theatre and was mesmerised all over again by the tale, so I course I could not end the year without taking her on as a costume.

Photo credit: Billy Rubin

Black Hat: My Blossom Hat Backwards

White Lace High-Neck Top: Sussan (My Mother’s)

Navy Blue Long Skirt: Hotline (My Mother’s)

Black Skirted Coat: Revival

Black Opaque Tights: ASOS

Black and White Tuxedo Heels: ASOS

Red Scarf: Target

Red Bow: Ribbon from Hot Dollar

White Gloves: Hot Dollar

Large Bag: Sewing Box

Black Umbrella: Hot Dollar

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