Furiosa, Mad Max: Fury Road, Costume

Furiosa, Mad Max: Fury Road, Costume

One of the best female characters to be seen in film this year would have to be Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road, played by Charlize Theron. Furiosa was tough, Furiosa was skillful, Furiosa KICKED ASS. So how could I not only create a costume to portray such a strong, female character, but also end my October daily costume challenge on her.

Big thanks go to everyone for once again supporting me and this blog with your pageviews (did you know that I’ve now hit over a million?!) Mostly though, big thanks go to my wonderful, amazing and supportive partner Frosted Tips who not only took EVERY SINGLE PHOTO of the costumes this month, but also video for the Instagram page. Thank you for letting me bug you so much ❤ ❤ ❤

Happy Halloween gang! May you costume like a pro 😉

Photo credit: Frosted Tips

Cream top: Salvos

Black corset: SES

Tan Pants: H&M

Belts: Borrowed from Frosted Tips

Furiosa Arm: Aluminium foil, black electrical tape and one knee pad

Skull-head Belt Pendant: Print-out taped onto a silver dangly necklace

Brown Combat Boots: Borrowed from Frosted Tips


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