Monkey Business Pun Costume

Today I take on another pun-filled costume with this ‘Monkey Business’ costume. The banana is my work phone. Hilarious. I know. Photo credit: Frosted Tips Monkey suit: Smiffy’s White shirt: Cotton On Suit Jacket: Edition Black Tie: Hot Dollar

Day 348: King Kong

King Kong the musical has opened in Australia this month so I have decided to take it on as a theme dressing as Kong himself holding Ann Darrow.   Photo credit: Billy Rubin   Guerilla Suit: Smiffy’s Ann Darrow: Barbie Doll   Liked what you saw? Why not like me on Facebook?    

Day 169: Monkey

Tomorrow I will begin the first of twelve days of Christmas themes to mark the journey to Christmas Day. Tomorrow however is also Monkey Day, which is why I have decided to take on this theme on today. With this, I have chosen to dress up as my favourite monkey – Abu from Aladdin. I hope you like the facial makeup, I was quite…