How to: Tutankhamun’s Tomb Poncho

The Tutankhamen Tomb Poncho was possibly the most dramatic costume that I made throughout my year-long challenge. So for my second How To, I thought I’d take you through it. You’ll be surprised to learn that while simple, it is quite time-consuming due to the intricate hieroglyphic patterns.   What you’ll need Your height in…

Day 156: T

Today I have my work Christmas party with the theme of “T” – so dress up as anything beginning with T. I have chosen to attend as Tutankhamen’s tomb. Photo Credit: The Stephinacci Sequence Tutankhamen’s Headpiece: Homemade  Tutankhamen’s Tomb: Handmade (sewn and hand drawn) Tutankhamen’s Crook and Flail: Homemade Gold Shoes: Irene Rubio Gold Gloves: Base Warehouse