Blonde Bombshell Pun Costume

In the lead up to Halloween, I have once again taken up the challenge to do a daily post for the month of October! This year though, I am going to go back… Continue reading

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Katy Perry Roar Costume

  For the second day of the Secret Garden Festival I decided to dress up as Katy Perry ala the Roar film clip. As you can see, the day was a total wash-out… Continue reading

Barbarella Costume

  Dearest valued costume fans, I’m SOOOO SORRY that’s it’s been so long since my last post, but suffice to say that things have been rather crazy in Maryland (also a chocolate chip… Continue reading

Manga School Girl Costume

Last week was my new works’ Christmas party. It was loosely themed Japanese – which means that dressing up in costume was optional. Optional costume is not in my vocabulary….unless it comes after… Continue reading

Carrie Covered in Blood Costume

  A couple of weeks ago for Halloween I created a Carrie mid-pigs-blood-bucket-pour costume. The mid-pour was created by having a metal wire fitted to the tiara and then fitted into the bucket.While… Continue reading

Effie Trinket Hunger Games Costume

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has opened worldwide, so to celebrate I have created an Effie Trinket costume.   Photo credit: Holmes   Blonde Wig: Ebay Red Rose: Hot Dollar Pink Jacket: My… Continue reading

Breaking Bad Walter White Costume

  Happy Halloween! In commemoration of the end of Breaking Bad – I’m a huge fan – I have decided that the most fitting costume to end this Halloween month of costumes would… Continue reading

The Birds Tippi Hedren Costume

Today as we are on Halloween Eve, I thought I’d come back to the classic horror genre for my costume today, dressing as Tippi Hedren from Hitchcock’s The Birds, mid-bird attack.   Photo… Continue reading

How to: Freddy Krueger Glove

So you want to dress as Freddy Krueger but don’t want to splurge out on spending big to buy the official glove? Fear not! Here’s how to make it using only cardboard and… Continue reading

Huntsman Costume

        Today I’ve created a Huntsman costume (as in Snow White and the Huntsman) using an existing Robin Hood costume, but swapping a bow and arrow for his trusty axe.… Continue reading