Sharknado Costume

Today I have taken on the terrible-on-purpose film Sharknado, dressing as a tornado of sharks. This is a great example of using household items such as plastic bags to create a fun and… Continue reading

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Morticia Addams from The Addams Family Costume

Today I have taken on another Addams family member with this costume of Morticia Addams (previously I have done Cousin It and Wednesday Addams). It’s a bit warm in Melbourne today (32 degrees!)… Continue reading

Garth from Wayne’s World Costume

Today I take on Garth from Wayne’s World for my costume. This is another easy but effective one that is great for Halloween! Just remember to do the Garth walk and throw these… Continue reading

Sloth from The Goonies Costume

Growing up, The Goonies was one of my favourite films, and while I have already covered The Goonies with a previous costume of Data, I had yet to dress up as Sloth, whose relationship… Continue reading

Hawaiian Hula Girl Costume

Seeing as I already had the hula skirt from my Cousin It costume, I thought it would be a waste to not dress up as a Hawaiian hula girl. Photo credit: Frosted Tips… Continue reading

Magic Mirror from Snow White Costume

Today is another easy one for your Halloween needs with this Magic Mirror from Snow White costume. All you need to do is paint a plain mask you get from Hot Dollar and… Continue reading

Mounted Deer Head Costume

A while back I saw an image of this amazing face paint that made you a deer, and I’ve been keeping it in my back-pocket until I could think of something more to… Continue reading

Jigsaw from Saw Costume

I feel as if I haven’t had enough ‘scary’ costumes for the build up to Halloween, so that’s why today I’ve attempted Jigsaw from Saw. Someone I’ve come off creepy, but quite as… Continue reading

Krumm from Ahh!!! Real Monsters Costume

Today I have decided to do a throwback to a childhood favourite – Ahh!!! Real Monsters – with my Krumm costume. It’s a pretty funny costume in real life, so if you end… Continue reading

Cousin It from The Addams Family Costume

Today I have created a Cousin It costume with only a few straw hula skirts! This costume is easy-as and quite effective for all your costume party or Halloween needs! Photo credit: Window… Continue reading