Day 179: Festivus

Day 179: Festivus

For the tenth day of Christmas, we navigate away from the traditional symbols of Christmas to bring you the anti-Christmas – Festivus. Festivus (for the rest of us) is celebrated on November 23 and was made popular through an episode of Seinfeld. Festivus was conceived by writer Dan O’Keefe and was celebrated by his family as early as 1966. The holiday was later introduced into popular culture by O’Keefe’s screenwriter son Daniel on an episode of Seinfeld. The holiday’s celebration, as it was shown on Seinfeld, included an unadorned aluminum “Festivus pole,” practices such as the “Airing of Grievances” and “Feats of Strength,” and the labeling of easily explainable events as “Festivus miracles.”

So today I have chosen to dress as Frank Costanza holding the infamous aluminum pole. Happy Festivus!


Photo credit: Holmes


Red Wig: Borrowed from Dungog

Grey and Green Cardigan: Carreli

White and Blue Shirt: Industrie

Grey Pants: Valleygirl

Black Shoes: Fabiani

Festivas Pole: Broom Pole Wrapped in Aluminium Foil

Red Mustache: Cut Up Orange Paper


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