Ilana Broad City Costume

Ilana Broad City Costume

Melbourne has been having some unseasonably warm weather lately. With that in mind I thought I’d take on one of my favourite outfits of a great female comedy character – Ilana from Broad City in the “In Heat” episode. This is the episode where they are on a quest for an air conditioner and Ilana is looking fierce as hell. If you’re not yet watching Broad City, you should be, it’s hilarious. Do yourself a favour and watch it. Trust me.

This costume is truly about confidence and fierce lipstick. So as long as you have that, you too can pull this one off. YASSSSS QUEEN!

Photo credit: Frosted Tips

Silver Cap: Salvo’s (with aluminium foil on it to get the colour right

White Jersey Top: White t-shirt from Kmart with black electrical tape detail

Black Short Shorts: Target

Black High Top Sneakers: Dangerfield

Black Bag: Thailand Markets

Black Ring: Diva

Black Hoop Earrings: Diva


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