Day 20: World Day for International Justice

July 17th – World Day for International Justice. At first I thought I might dress up as Ally McBeal, but that would have been lame, so I present to you Blind Justice. I’m actually quite surprised at how awesome this outfit turned out. I mean with a cardigan on, people at work thought I was princess Leia, but that was because they assumed it had long sleeves, but without I think it’s pretty fetch. And yes, I just made a Mean Girls reference.

Please note: I am wearing a dress backwards…talk about commitment! (Mind. Blown)


Photo Credit: Ziggy


White Sash: Home-made

White Dress: Miller

Scales: Home-made

Sword: Carnival & Party Warehouse

Cappuccino Ballet Flats: Witchery



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  1. Simon Knight says:

    Hilarious. Well done!

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