How to: Day of the Dead Makeup

 Day of the Dead make-up close up eyes closed

If you’re looking for a dramatic look for Halloween this year, it’s hard to go past Day of the dead make-up and get up as a costume.


What you’ll need

White face powder or white face paint


Black Eye-shadow or black face paint

Black Eye-liner or black face paint

Thin Brush

Red Lip liner or red face paint

Fake Flowers

Bobby Pins



  1. Tie your hair back into a high bun.
  2. Using the stem of your fake flowers slide each flower down and into your bun and secure it with a bobby pin. Please note that the flowers should be positioned at the front of your scalp/head.
  3. Keep sliding and pinning flowers into your bun so that you create a pile of flowers sitting at the front of your head. The more flowers and the brighter the mix of flowers, the more dramatic the look.
  4. Using a sponge, coat your entire face with white Powder or white face paint, avoiding your eyebrows and eyelashes.
  5. Using your black eye-liner or a brush and black face paint, draw a spider’s web on your forehead fanning out.
  6. Then draw a horizontal line across your lips where the top and bottom lip separate, then draw short vertical lines about a centimetre apart across the line,this is where you will create the look of a scar.
  7. Using a brush and black eye-shadow or face paint draw two large circles around your eyes and fill in entirely with colour.
  8. Then outline the outside of the nostril area of your nose and fill in with colour.
  9. Using red lip liner or red face paint and a brush draw a scalloped edge around the large black circles – you can choose to fill in or leave as is.
  10. Then draw a spiky line on your chin pointing up and fill in with colour.
  11. Voila! You are now ready to couple with a bright, patterned top or dress and complete your dramatic Halloween look!

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